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Stable Isotope Laboratory

Department of Geological Sciences, Florida State University
Division of Geochemistry, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory,
1800 Paul Dirac Drive

The Stable Isotope Laboratory at Florida State University, which is located in the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, has vacuum lines and a new state-of-the-art stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer (Finnigan MAT delta PLUS XP) with several peripheral instruments including a Finnigan MAT TC/EA (high-temperature conversion elemental analyzer) with zero-blank autosampler, a Finnigan MAT Gas Bench with CombiPAL autosampler and equilibration modules, a ThermoFinnigan Trace GC with GC/C and GC/TC interface, and a Carlo Erba Elemental Analyzer. The various peripheral instruments are interfaced with the stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer and enable a broad range of sample analyses:

  • Analysis of oxygen isotopes in inorganic samples such as phosphate, nitrate and sulfate.
  • Analyses of of bulk organic samples.
  • Analyses of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in water samples.
  • Analyses of carbon and oxygen isotopes in carbonates, DIC and carbon dioxide.
  • Compound-specific isotopic analyses of carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen in organic liquid or gas mixtures.
  • Chemical and isotopic analyses of bulk carbon and nitrogen in organic samples
Mass Spectometer

The mass spectrometer system was purchased with funds provided by a grant from the NSF Earth Sciences Instrumentation and Facilities program and the Florida State University. For more information, contact Dr. Yang Wang (, 850-644-1121).

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